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2 Difference between cultus and wagon R

If you are looking for a new car in 1000cc category, you can find a handful of options. While most of these options are JDM there are two PKDM cars which are currently ruling the market. Both Wagon R and Suzuki Cultus need no introduction as their success is evident with the fact that they both are among the popular cars in Pakistan. Suzuki Wagon R was introduced a few years back whereas Cultus has been in the market since early 90s and now in its second generation. It’s time to compare both cars and help you decide which car you should buy next.

Interior:Difference between cultus and wagon R
Since both cars come in two variants namely VXL and VXR it’s worth noting there are few differences which set Cultus VXL apart from the base VXR model. Features such as luggage self, charging dock, vanity mirrors, electronically adjustable side mirrors, chrome bezels and leather upholstery in doors are missing in the VXR variant. While VXL variant of Wagon R has power windows which set it apart from the VXR from the inside. While interior of both Wagon R and Cultus is fairly basic but the quality of material used in the Suzuki Cultus feels a bit better . Other then that the boot capacity of Cultus is also better at 235 liters when compared to 180 liters of the Wagon R making Cultus the better car to carry luggage.

(Cultus Interior: Left & Wagon R Interior: Right)

When it comes to exterior Wagon R has a tall-Wagon like body. The design is fairly basic with no character lines of any sort giving the car a very simple appearance. Cultus on the other hand has a more traditional hatch-back design with lower height and center of gravity. It also has a distinguishing character line starting from the front fender all the way to rear of the car giving it a more expensive look. Both Wagon R and Cultus are 3600mm in length but Cultus has spacious cabin making it the better car for carrying 3 people at the rear seats . As both car comes in two variants as mentioned before, there are few differences which set the VXL variant of both cars apart from the base VXR variant. Cultus VXL has body colored door handles/trunk release, fog lights, alloy rims and a chrome grill which are missing on VXR variant. When it comes to Wagon R the only thing which will help you differentiate between its two variants is the door handles. In the VXL model the door handles are body colored where as in VXR they are black colored.

(Cultus Exterior Left & Wagon R Exterior Right)

Safety Features and Equipment:Difference between cultus and wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R VXR

    • Immobilizer
    • Power Steering
    • Central Locking System

Upgrading to the VXL variant will add:Difference between cultus and wagon R

    • Power Windows
    • Keyless Entry
    • Power Door locks

Suzuki Cultus VXR:Difference between cultus and wagon R

    • Immobilizer
    • Power Steering
    • Power Door Locks
    • Steering Adjustment

Whereas upgrading to the VXL variant adds

    • Dual SRS Airbags
    • ABS
    • Four Speakers
    • Electronically Adjustable Side Mirrors

Engine, Transmission and Fuel Economy:Difference between cultus and wagon R

Both cars are equipped with an inline 3 cylinder engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The max output of the engine is rated at 67HP which is adequate considering the fact that Wagon R weight is 830Kg whereas Cultus weighs 780Kg making both the cars extremely light weight. To put that in comparison a Toyota Vitz weighs around 1050Kg. Weight is also one of the key factors contributing in fuel economy and both Suzuki Culuts and suzuki Wagon R are considered fuel efficient with fuel average of 20-22Km/l. So rather you buy a Cultus or a Wagon , fuel average of both the cars won’t disappoint you.

Price and Final Thoughts:Difference between cultus and wagon R

The deciding factors for most car buyers in Pakistan is the price. So let’s talk about the prices of each variant of both cars

Suzuki Wagon R VXR PKR 10,54,000

Suzuki Wagon R VXL PKR 10,94,000

Suzuki Cultus VXR PKR 12,50,000

Suzuki Cultus VXL PKR 13,91,000

The price difference between the two variants of Cultus is quite big with the price difference you are getting a lot of features , missing in the Wagon R. Cultus is a better car of the two only if you opt for the VXL variant otherwise Wagon R VXL offers everything the base model of Cultus offers at a lower price. If newer design of the Cultus doesn’t appeal you then go ahead and buy the Wagon R but if safety equipment like Air bags and ABS are your preferences and you are looking for a better design then Cultus is the better buy. Suzuki did a good job with the new Cultus, it was a much needed upgrade. If we keep the price factor aside no matter which car you buy you will be quite pleased considering the reliability of Suzuki cars and a large network of dealerships across the country guarantees a good customer experience.

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