In the Arab world, the Saudi air force scuttled everyone

Riyadh: The Saudi Air Force has surpassed all the Arab countries in terms of military capability and has achieved a prominent position in the world. It has 889 different types of fighter jets, including 279 fighter jets, 81 attackers and 258 helicopters, of which 34 attack helicopters. 186 aircraft for combat training and 50 aircraft for air transport. F-15 Eagle aircraft are considered an important weapon of the Saudi air force, can go inside the enemy and attack strategic targets and return.

According to the report of the Saudi air force. They have tornado planes, they are multi-role fighter jets and they have many features, these attackers are capable of chasing the enemy and can fly low while flying faster than sound. The Saudi Air Force has IH64 Apache Heli.

Helicopters are considered to be the most important combat helicopters of the US military. They can strike in all weathers and can perform well in fierce battles. It ranks first in the world, twelfth out of 139 countries in terms of air capability and ninth in the world in terms of the strength of fighter jets.

Here is photo gallary related to Saudi Arabia air force:

Article Credit: Taimoor Usman (Student of Peace and conflicts at NUML)

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