Its make suspense in mind of everyone by hearing that which will be the safest place in milky way galaxy which is not on earth. And you should know that astronomer find the place which is most suitable  to live and it is 26000 lite year from its center.

Astronomers find the best place in milky way galaxy to live. But its is quite relocate you from last year that you find the to look forward in center of galaxy.

The new findings are made by Italian astronomers, who studied locations where powerful cosmic explosions may killed off life. Explosions such as supernovas and Gama Rays bursts and spew high energy particles and radiations that can shred DNA and kill off life. By this logic regions where the explosion will be very low or equal to zero are the most suitable for life to live astronomers shared reason.

We can not neglect the cosmic explosion for the existence of our life in our  galaxy throughout its cosmic history

By exploring the history of galaxy the astronomers reach at this position that they find the deadliest hotspot, going back 11 billions year.

The galactic gold lock zone

Many factors make a planet habitable, For a while planets need to be in  a goldilocks zone, where heat and activity from their host star is not to much  or low its just normal.

But in addition with these all conditions life is to combat with harmful radiations coming from interstellar space. Powerful cosmic events such as supernovas and “Gama- rays” bursts stream diagnosis, high energy particles which is mostly near to the speed of light. They not only kill the all the lifeforms but they strip the entire planets of the atmosphere.

For planets very near to the Steller explosion its is possible that there will be a complete stellorization

Some fascinating facts about milky way galaxy

Our milkyway galaxy

How much you know about the city of you live in?. Sure you have the got  the favorite restaurants, you will be special dinner, information about games, beautiful places in your country, religions, casts knowledge about technology, You would be know about shoes, cloths, about brands etc. The same goes for your galaxy where you are living is the Milkyway galaxy.

Our celestial home is same awe-inspiring full of stars, supernovas, nebulas, energy, and dark maters but many aspects of its remains mysterious till ,even scientist. For those who don’t know that how they are living in the galaxy there are many amazing aspects which are given bellow.

  • No one knows that how much is the weight of Milkyway


On related notes astronomer are still unsure that how much is the mass of the galaxy which our galaxy named by milkyway galaxy, but by estimating it is 700 billion to 2 Trillian than the    mass of our sun.

  • The Milky Way is a big empty spot in the universe

Several studies show that milkyway is a big spot in the universe of our galaxy and these are living out in the boonies of the cosmos, From of the large scale structure of the universe looks like a colossal web cosmic web with string that filaments connecting dense regions separated by enormous.




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