Bitcoin Hits its most peak point of $60000 first time in history

Bitcoin was launched in a decade before in 2009 but that was not as much popular, It came into headlines in 2017 when it crossed $1000 that’s highest price of that time and later on its crossed the $20000 in the end of same year 2017 and at that time Bitcoin was the most popular currency and it was the only concept of Crypto.

Bitcoin is considered as most famous cryptocurrency in the world of Technology and usually known as BTC. This time after COVID second wave condition of world came into stability and prices of everything gone into their peak point and BITCOIN is one from these. Especially dolor price has fallen down during Covid-19 peak in start of 2020 but later on it got its existence.

Bitcoin has kissed to $60000 the highest price  on Saturday, 13th March 2021 ever so far in field of Cryptocurrency.

Here is graph that shows the graphical up and down of Bitcoin.

A month back in Feb one of the big investor  electric carmaker Tesla owner Elon Musk’s electric has invested a huge amount of $1.5 billon and on that time Twitter chief Twitter chief Jack Dorsey said they are making funds aimed by making internet currency like bitcoin.

Bitcoins currency and few similar internet currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin and Stellar are traded in decentralized trading system as BLOCKCHAIN.  System require a very huge processing power to process the transactions .

As we have discussed only Bitcoins in the article but now a days its not the only virtual currency in the market. There are thousands of the virtual currencies now a days that are known as cryptocurrencies and World has started dealing their transactions in such cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin prices has raised almost double and about 107% this year .These prices were $28,987.60 in last December and this month these has gone up to USD $60000 on 13th March

Now a days top financials firms are trying to make Bitcoin validate and trying their customers to convince to trade through Crypto Currency like Bitcoin.

Payment giants like PayPal are convincing their customers to start transactions through these currencies.

Bitcoins stakeholders and trying to replace yellow metal like gold with this currency and naming this currency as digital gold

After all COVID-19 vaccines has come into market and people are returning to offices so expecting to increase in rates of coins like BITCOIN.

This year Bitcoin has raised its value to highest point while gold has fallen down. So the Bitcoin has been marked as future currency.

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