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Hidden functions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is most instant way of communication now a days. Almost everyone in the world would have WhatsApp installed in smart phone but its very obvious that common user don’t use all potential of WhatsApp. There are lot of such functions that everyone don’t even know.

Lets discuss few secret functions of WhatsApp That common person can understand and use in future.

  • Pin three chats as Important

You can pin at maximum three chats as your important chats. As to save your time, WhatsApp have given such functionality and you can pin at least and maximum three chats as Pin chat. As There takes lot of time to search for the person to whom we want to chat, To save the time you can pin the favorite person.

How to pin three chats

Search person name from top search of WhatsApp chat
Hold and tap on the name of person and there will be pin in front of the name

  • Read Senders message with out Blue tick

Usually whenever someone sends message on WhatsApp and you read it, Sender can see blue tick on his sent message. You can avoid from this blue tick and sender will not understand either you have read messages or not
How to Avoid
Method 1 : Turn of the internet and put the mobile phone on airplane or flight mode, Open the chat and read it, Then once you read the chat then close it from all screens or clear the screen and turn off the flight or airplane mode.

Method 2 : from the privacy setting you can set the option that user can not get blue tick

  • Turn off last seen:

From the privacy policy you can set the privacy that no one will be able to see that when you were online last time.

Go to settings then click on account then open  privacy option and select any suitable option of last seen section. Describe from photo below.

  • Read and send messages without touching the phone:

This is very interesting but not commonly used by WhatsApp users. You can receive and read messages of WhatsApp without opening or touching the screen. Through Siri and google assistant you can avail this functionality .This remains very fruitful while you are driving or busy with something else and you can verbally communicate with google assistant and reply to the chat.

  • Stop Automatically media download

This remains very unwilling situation that lot of videos and pictures save on the gallary of the phone that you even don’t want to see or save. This consumes your memory and also creates mess-up. Almost everyone wants to get rid of automatically saving of WhatsApp images and documents.

You can turn off automatically media download from the WhatsApp setting.

Tap More options > Settings > Chats

How to stop WhatsApp to automatically save down images and videos into your camera roll

  • Add  emoticons to pictures

Whatapp allows to play with photos and you can make them as emoji. You can click on attachment, then go to gallary and upload the photo that you want to make it as emoji, Then editor will open and you can play with it.

  • Delete mistakenly sent messages

Some times messages are sent accidently or mistakenly to different chat sections, WhatsApp has given a very attractive functionality that you can delete that message for everyone and in that can receiver will not be able to understand what was sent.
There are two options to delete the sent message

  • Delete for everyone
  • Delete for Me
  • Chat Font and Style

This option has come recently that you can change the font and style or the chat.
chat can be highlighted by making it bold and italic, There are few more options also in the chat.

Just tap on the chat and there will open three dots, click on three dot and you will see the option to make it bold, italic or crossed chat.


  • Message Book mark or Starred Message

Few of the messages that we want to read it later or we want to keep for future read, because once we start the chat, then after few months we can’t scroll up and search for the specific chat or message. To save that specific message or chat we can mark as book mark and in term of WhatsApp we can make it starred message. Just tap on the message and hold and mark the star.

Here is attached description

  • Make the message Unread

This is very hidden secret and very useful that if you are not in condition to reply immediately and want to read the message later, You can mark the message unread and read later and reply

Just click on the name of chat, Hold the chat and make it as unread.


These are the few functionalities that everyone don’t know. May be few people know but i am sure that not all know about these few functionalities of WhatsApp.

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