How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

Nationals from Pakistan relish coming back to Canada as guests, whether or not to ascertain family, friends, or the country’s nice landscapes and friendly individuals. to return to Canada as a traveller, nationals of Pakistan ought to apply for a short lived Resident Visa.

How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

To qualify for a visa, the soul must:How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

Be in smart healthHave a legitimate passport or different travel documentHave no criminal convictionsHave no immigration-related convictionsDemonstrate ties to home country (i.e., a job, home, money assets, or family) that are incentives for the soul to come home at the tip of the allowable keep Have ample funds for the stay.

(The quantity of cash required varies supported however long one stays and whether or not accommodations ar a edifice, friends, or relatives).

There are two classes of documents that require to be provided 1) Government Forms and 2) Personal Documents.

  • Government Forms that require to be completed are:Application for Temporary Resident Visa (IMM5257)Family data kind .
  • (IMM5707)Statutory Declaration of unwritten Union (IMM5409)Use of a Representative (IMM5476)Authority to unharness Personal data to a delegated Individual (IMM5475)

. Personal Documents that require to be provided are:How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

Receipt for fees paid to a Visa workplace or Visa Application Centre (VAC)A photocopy of the knowledge page of a travel documentProof of economic meansPhotocopy of wedding certificate/licensePurpose of travelPhotocopy of documents relating current immigration standing.

How much is visa from Pakistan to Canada?

A Canada visa from Pakistan requires a total amount of 195 CAD (195 Canadian Dollars). Including a Biometric fee for one person.


1- NADRA:How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

Documents needed for North American nation Visa

Below ar the necessities for North American nation visa from Pakistan:


Original Passport moreover as all recent passportsPlease note passport should fulfill all below conditionsPassport ought to have a minimum of two blank pages & ought to be valid for a amount of six months from the date of travel

2- pictures:How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

Photographs for North American nation Visa

Three recent coloured pictures of size a pair of x a pair of Inches white background with matt or semi-matt end with eightieth face coverage, white background, and while not border.

  • (Photograph mustn’t be over three months recent, scanned/stapled and will not be utilized in any of the previous visas)

3- further Documents:How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

Financial Documents for North American nation Visa

If Employed:

Original Leave sanction letter on Employer’s LetterheadOriginal Personal checking account Statement for last six months mentioning the Bank’s name, Bank’s number, Applicant’s Name and Account No.

Clearly on Bank stationery with seal & sign of Bank officer with a minimum closing balance of around PKR 800,000 (Sudden deposit of cash isn’t appreciated).Last three months’ pay slipsPersonal revenue enhancement Returns for last three Assessment years or deduction Certificate.

Important Note for Canada Visa:

How to get canada visa from pakistan 2022

Please deposit the latest bank statement, which should not be more than 7 days old at the time of submissionFor minor applicants, visa form & other supporting forms should be signed by both parents along with a Signature or Thumb impression of the Minor applicant as appearing on his/her passport.

The amount you are paying includes the file charges and visit visa fee for Canada will be providing you with all the necessary supporting documents, letters, and bookings that are expected from a travel company in order to complete your visa applicationAll other documents such as financial and personal documents, are to be provided by the client themselves Visa approval is on the discretion of the Canadian High Commission visa-issuing officer.


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