How to Install Laravel for Windows

Laravel is PHP Web application framework that has its very expressive and elegant syntax. Laravel is based on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.

Laravel is best choice framework for building modern and full stack applications.

Laravel Dependencies:

Laravel framework has few dependencies.  Composer is one of the basic dependency that pulls all dependencies to the Laravel code structure. List of these dependencies is

Composer: an .exe file to download on your window machine

Laravel Installation steps:

Step1 : Download composer as its exe file from the following step and install the exe file by one click

Step2 : open your cmd terminal from windows by typing cmd in window searchbox and type composer in cmd. See screenshot for detail

As you typed composer in cmd then above screen shows up. If this shows like above screenshot that means you have successfully installed composer.

Step3 : Now you have to create project in Laravel as you have installed composer. Composer has downloaded all the dependencies

Run the following command in the cmd terminal that will create a project with the mentioned name

composer create-project blog/blog–-prefer-dist

Once project is created then you can run this project by following command

php artisan serve

When you run the above command in cmd terminal then following screen will open

Step4 : Then open the url  in browser and you will see home page of Laravel .

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