We usualy use MySQL database that deals with PHP as front end but in large applications we some time needs Oracle to store data. In case of Oracle we have to change our script that connects to database then communicate with it. Here we have detail article that leads to oracle configuration on your machine and then store and selects data from oracle database.
Here are few steps through which you can store data in Oracle database.
1. Install instant client on your machine. Download here and install with double click.
2 Please unzipped instant client on C:\ root.
3 copy oci.dll from C:instantclient_12_1 and place in D:xamppphpext
4 Right click on my computer or This PC ,go to properties then click on advance system settings>advance>environment variable and edit path set C:\instantclient_12_1
5 Activate oci client extention by opening php.ini and remove ; from
extension=php_oci8_11g.dll  ; Use with Oracle 11gR2 Instant Client
6 Restart xampp
Please visit Following link for more help
Instant Client installation is done

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