How to invent new food 2022?

How to invent new food 2022?

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How to invent new food 2022?

Before pitching a recipe for Food52, I always research what relevant recipes exist (on the site, or otherwise).

If it’s a food item that’s already well-covered, I ask myself, is my idea adding something meaningful to the discussion, like a new flavor or texture twist, fewer or more accessible ingredients, or an easier methodology with comparable or better results?

How to invent new food 2022?

  • (This doesn’t mean I won’t still “develop” a recipe for my personal use if it’s in a ubiquitous category, like banana bread—I’d just be less likely to share it with anyone but my mom.)

This research phase is also essential to my development for recipes that don’t come about organically in that it allows me to gut check my initial instincts on what techniques and ingredients might work for a first pass.

In this article we explain that How to invent new food 2022?

Then, I Draft, Test, Taste—& Draft, Test, Taste Again! (& Again!):How to invent new food 2022?

Whether I’ve made a prospective new recipe a million times before, or whether it’s an idea for a dish I’ve never attempted, as soon as I’ve decided to memorialize it on the internet, I write a first draft.

I find it critically important to look at my proposed ingredients, their quantities, and the methodology I’m suggesting will work best all in one go, before I begin my formal testing.

How to invent new food 2022?

From here, I do a quick sanity check. At first glance, does anything seem repetitive, or unnecessary?

Can I amp up the flavor by using, say, the rind of an orange that I’m already calling for to produce fresh-squeezed juice?

Is this something that, if I skimmed it online, I’d actually find interesting or valuable to my own recipe repertoire?

(If not, what can I tweak to reposition it so that last one’s a “yes”?)

Then, I take a copy of my draft—whether it’s all pretty and typed out, or scribbled in shorthand on the back of an envelope I’ve been meaning to put in the mail—into the kitchen.

While I run tests, I make notes. So many notes. By the end, my recipe draft usually looks like it’s molting into cake batter.

If it’s an early test, I’m more likely to be focused on the bigger-picture elements, like how the ingredients’ flavors and quantities work together, whether anything is missing or extraneous, and how close to my target textures and other trail-markers I am each step of the way.

How to invent new food 2022?


  • If you asked me before I begin testing how many rounds it’ll take for me to nail something, I’d get that wrong 100 percent of the time.

I’m always surprised by what comes together perfectly in two tests, and what takes weeks to finalize, like these unsuspecting olive-oil brownies (coming soon as well):

How to invent new food 2022?

In later testing rounds, I’m more focused on the minutiae. If it’s a baking recipe, I double-check ingredient weights. I make sure I’ve recorded any visual, auditory, or olfactory cues that I suspect will be helpful for the final draft.

How to invent new food 2022?

  • . I confirm that the times I’ve listed for each step are accurate (i.e., if I say “sauté for 2 to 3 minutes, until the onions are translucent,” I recheck that time range), and that one could actually complete each step comfortably in the order I’ve proposed.

I also consider flavor and ingredients once more—is there anything I’m overlooking that would take a recipe from very solid to unmissable?

Finally, I Rewrite The Recipe:How to invent new food 2022?

My last step is to rewrite the recipe with fresh eyes, and with a focus on both accuracy and tone.

  • I aim for all of the cues I incorporate to be visceral and precise, rather than relying on tropes I’ve picked up over the years.

How to invent new food 2022?

And most important, I want my recipes to sound like I’m standing there with you in your kitchen, glass of wine in my hand, as you make us dinner—pausing intermittently to refill my glass as you go, please.

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