ICC Has displayed its ranking in the field of Cricket for its formats of One day international (ODI) ,T-20 batting and then bowling as well. There are lots of ups and downs for all players especially that were in the top 10 ranks last year.

Men’s ODI Ranking Batting:

In the format of Batting in ODI , Indian batsman Virat Kohli has placed in on the top of the list. He stood as number 1 cricket batsman in ODI format.

In the same format ODI, Indian batsman Rohit Sharma stood as runner up in his batting ,As these two batsman are considered as world class batsman all over the world

It would not be wrong to appreciate Pakistan’s Captian and batsman Babar Azam who has raised him from position 4 to 3rd position this year in ODI format.

In the format of Test Cricket Babar Azam has secured 6th position and improved him again this year.

Complete detail is here

Men’s T-20 Ranking Batting:

T-20 format is a short format of cricket and its expanding its worth in the field of cricket because everyone wants to stuck with this format and no one wants to put his whole time on long format cricket like ODI and Test.

While we discuss T-20 then English Batsman  Dawid Malan has secured the first position and remained on top from all over the world.

Australian Batsman and skipper Aaron Finch hold holds the second position in this format

As we discuss Pakistan’s cricket then again Pakistans’s skipper Babar Azam has secured 3rd position in T-20 format. While as Indian Bastman Rahul has slipped from 3rd position to 4th position as he has loosed few points this year.

Complete detail about icc ranking is here

While if we discuss about Bowling format then a very energetic bowler from Afghanistan has grabbed the first position in the bowlers ranking.
Where as there is not Pakistani bowler who has secured his name in top 10 bowlers.

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