Justin Bieber , the international celebrity as best singer and he is in top list best singers of the world. He usually visits different countries for music concerts and has has billions of the fan following. Justin Bieber is english singer so he has mainly fan following in Europe and English speaking countries but in parallel  he has a million of fan followings in Asian countries but its bitter fact that Justin Bieber has never visited these countries. 
This time in 2017 Justin Bieber has decided to visited India in May 2017.
According to his plan Justin Bieber visited India and participated in music concert.
Justin Bieber has shown his sensitivity on his peak and could not afford heat in Bomby. Summer season is too much heat in India and as per media Justin Bieber could not afford such heat. In some conference he has already spoken over it and said India has too heat in May.
Its India bad luck that Justin Bieber participated the concert and after end of concert he has just left towards airport and left for home from private jet. 
Its news that Justin Bieber has changed his shirt during the travelling towards airport  
Has is caught without shirt while traveling towards airport. Here is picture of Justin Bieber without shirt taken from Indianexpress website

It is news that Justin Bieber had to visit Taj Mahal and had plan to meet many celebrities and also plan to attend different concerts in Delhi and different cities of India. Different businessmen and Bollywood people had plans to meetup with Justin Bieber but due to Huge heat Justin Bieber has cancelled other meetings and traveled back to home. 
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