Imran khan as full name Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi is current Prime Minister of Pakistan.  He served the country as Cricket Player, Politician,  a scholar and especially Prime Minister.

Here is detailed about Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi

Short Summary:

Imran Ahmad khan has earned his name from international cricket, He has played for Pakistan as all rounder and after resigning from cricket Imran khan has joined politics and owned his own party as ‘Paksitan Tehrik E Insaf’. Imran khan became 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018.

Imran Khan was a visionary cricketer throughout his career and he was inspiration for youngsters at the time of his cricket due to his outstanding talent in his area.

Throughout his career, Imran khan remained an influential person for every area of age, Young, kids and old age people too.

Imran khan is considered as most successful and prominent cricketer and captain of Pakistan team.

Imran khan has established first cancer hospital in Lahore, while he lost her mother due to cancer decease. Later on he has started two other cancer hospital, One in Peshawar and second in Karachi.


Full Name : Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi

Date of Birth : 5th October 1952

Age : 68years

Areas of Work : Cricket, Politics

Height : 6’1  or 185 cm


Spouse : Bushra Manika (3rd Wife), Reham Khan (2nd Wife), Jamima Khan (1st wife)

Mother Name : Shaukat Khanum

Father Name : Ikram Ullah khan Niazi

Siblings : Aleema khanum, Rani Khanum, Rubina Khanum, Uzma Khanum

Sons : Suleman Khan, Qasim Khan

Childhood Life:

As early explained, Imran Ahmad Khan was born in Lahore on 5th October 1952. He belongs to Niazi family that basically from Mianwali. He was from middle class family, His father Ikram Ullah Khan niazi remained government servent as SDO. Imran Ahmad has obtained his education in English medium college named Aitchison College.

Later on for higher education , Imran khan went to Royal Grammar School Worcester, England.

For his higher studies , He has done graduation in philosophy, Politics and economics from keble college , University of Oxford, England.

Professional Life/Career:

  • Imran Khan has started career through county cricket and his debut was 1971 in English series in Birmingham.  He was not considered as successful on his debut as his performance was poor.
  • Imran khan has made his debut in international cricket ODI for Pakistan in Prudential Trophy in 1974.
  • His performance remained so good against Australia and Newzeland in 1976-77 series.  Due to his best performance he was considered as best fast bowler.
  • He Became captain of Pakistan Cricket team in 1982. He was performance as fast bowler and all rounder and his performance was impressive in England, at Lord’s series.
  • Under his captaincy, Pakistan won 14 /48 test matches played, lost 8 and out of these 26 were resulting as draw,  In the ODI format Imran khan played 139 matches, with 77 matches wins, 57 losses, while just one match was tie.
  • Imran khan has resigned from cricket in 1987 due to different reasons but he returned again to cricket in 1988 as President Gen Zia requested to serve cricket
  • Paksitan has won series against West Indies and Imran khan was declared as Man of the series while taking 23 wickets on 3 matches.
  • Imran Khan has established Shaukat Khanum hospital in 1991 while he was playing cricket as well.  Hospital was named associated with his mother name Shoukat Khanum as she lost her life due to cancer disease.
  • Pakistan has won only World cup in 1992 under the captaincy of Imran khan.
  • Imran khan has resigned from cricket in 1992 while scored total 3709, Taking wickets in Test 362 and 382 in ODI format.
  • Imran Khan has started campaign for his hospital for few years
  • Imran Khan has joined politics and he has registered a political party named as Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf in 1997.
  • In  2008, He established a college named Namal college in Mianwali associated with University of Bradford and Imran Khan Foundation.
  • Imran khan has passed a resolution named as ‘Naya Pakistan Resolution’ during his election campaign in 2008.
  • Imran khan has rejected the offer of Prime Ministership by General Pervez Musharaf as Musharaf has revealed about the reality.
  • On electoin of 2013, Pakistan Tehrik E insaf has won provisional election of KPK and his party has done his 5 years of Government in KP from 2013 to 2018
  • Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf has won General Election 2018 and Made the government in Federal and two provinces KP and Punjab.


Achievements and Awards:

  • Pakistan has become world cricket champion under captaincy of Imran khan in 1992 while beating England in ODI Cricket.
  • His world record as captain as most wickets , best bowling strike and best bowling figure  8 wickets for 60 runs
  • He is the only Cricketer who become Prime Minister

Personal Life:

Imran khan remained a play boy during his young age. He was considered as shy person during his cricket time.

  • He has married to Jemima Goldsmith in 1995 in Paris, She converted to Islam before marriage.  After a year Jamima gave birth to Suleman in 1996 and to Qasim in 1999. Jamima Got divorce from Imran khan after 9 years of married life as she was not was not able to live in Pakistan, as reasons given.
  • In January 2015, he married British-Pakistani divorcee Reham Khan. She was working in BBC as whether reporter.  She was divorced in October 2015 due to political reasons.
  • Imran Khan has married to Bushra Manika  in February 2018. Bushra was spritual advisor to Imran khan.



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