After a technical hiccup ,Engineers are saying that this will be the first vehicle which travel on another planet who is Mars and this helicopter is Ingenuity.


NASA is nearly ready to attempt the first flight on another planet. The space agency small helicopter called Ingenuity make a history in the this new world and it deposited in a flat area on mars.

Ingenuity first flight was originally slated for April 11,  but due to a snag occur was become late. But tryin got spin the helicopter rotors at full speed without leaving the ground, Ingenuity onboarding computer was early stopped.

NASA says the helicopter was clearly communicating with earth and after that team plans was to update the software in helicopter and flight was held in nest week. Flying on Mars was an incredible challenge for the engineers because of wispy weather on the Mars and it was very far from the earth nearly to 100,000 feet .

Helicopter on Mars would be able to notice the environment on the Mars like that how types of mountains, canyons, craters and all entire information about the planet will reveal, which any aircraft can not save.

Ingenuity will remains healthy on the surface of the Mars, Critical functions like that communication, power and thermal control are stable. It is not and unexpected for a technology demonstration to reduce the challenges that are need to be worked in sense of real time. The high risk high reward actions we are taken to land on the a new planet and at its good time Ingenuity done its duty at exact time.


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