NADRA Complaint center 2022

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Pakistan has launched complaint management System for Citizens of Pakistan, Overseas Pakistanis as well. If anyone has faced any issue while processing his application or applying for any Card or certificate and faced any issue then He/She can launch a complaint and issue will be prioritized.

Complaint Management system has three categories. You can launch complaint against NADRA , NADRA Staff or a general complaint or issue discussion.

Here is link for NADRA complaint management system.
NADRA Complaint center 2022

Click on above link and you will face the page the is in screenshot. Provide your complete information. Mainly thing that you need to focus is on Complaint type and Tracking ID. From complaint type you select complaint against staff then you will have a list of staff against the tracking ID provided. You can mention the detail against the staff that have either misguided or misbehaved with you.

Complaint Type : Against NADRA Officials:NADRA Complaint center 2022

If you select complaint type as against NADRA official then provide tracking ID , then staff list of respect ID will be populated, You can select staff person that has mis leaded you.

Complaint Type : Against NADRA Center:NADRA Complaint center 2022

If you select complaint type as against NADRA center, then provide tracking ID, then You can give details of your complaint against that NADRA center

Complaint Type : General Complaint:NADRA Complaint center 2022

If you select complaint type as general complaint then provide all details of your issue that you have faced during process. Provide details of issue and also the contact details like Email and contact number, NADRA staff will response you or contact you through call or email. Your issue will be kept on priority and will be resolved.

Moreover you can call on 7000, this is NADRA helpline through which you can raise your complaint and get the issue resolved.

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