North Korea will be the first country who is not joining to a great event Tokyo Olympic, North Korea is fearing from the virous which is continuing from last two years named by Corona Virous-19. All over the world  many countries make restriction over all events where people are gather, but some events are more important and people see these events with passion and thy don’t want that these events will not held.

Mostly countries are taking  part in this event by following the rules which are govern by IHO (International Health Organization),But this one country still fearing about the very bad consequences of COVID-19  and not taking part in this event.

A website run by North Korea’s sports Ministry said its National Olympic committee when meeting was continuing that by awaring athletes from the virous we decided not to participate in the Olympic. The pandemic already pushed back the Olympic which was originally scheduled in 2020 and arranged to held in 2021. The Japan Olympic committee said that North Korea has yet notified to participate in this event.

Japan’s chief cabinet secretory said that we hopes that many countries will participate in the Olympics and  promised ample anti-virous measures.

Choi young-sam Japan’s Foreign Ministers spokesperson says that we appreciate governments strategies to push the Olympic ahead while taking safety measures. Choi said its time for Japan to decide to take part in the Olympic and make increase in peoples happy.

North Korea sent 22 athletes in 2018 in South Korea in Winter Olympics along with governments rules and officially by governments, performance artists, journalists and 230-members and female groups.

North Korea has already cleared that Corona Virous free country, but outsider are coming to the country and its becoming confusion the country has escaped pandemic entirely by poor health infrastructure and porous border  joining to  china its economic lifeline.

Describing anti-virous efforts as” national matter” North Korea have vey few cross borders, banned tourists departments, jets, public transports, sports, main public areas where peoples took gather for any purpose all universities , colleges, schools, cinemas houses  and markets which are not more important like textile industries and steel industries, just markets are open like groceries, vegetables, milk, and with all shops which are related to daily human need base products.

Japan’s Prime Minister “Yoshihide Suga” previously said that he expected to invite America’s president Mr. Joe Biden to come in Japan to see Olympic games and was willing to meet with Kim Jon Un or his sister if they attended the game. Suga did not cleared that to whom he will invite.

Expert says that pandemic  very badly and directly impact on the economy of any country and it also gives much loss to Japan in previous years. And also sanctions  imposed form the United Nation on Nuclear program also effect the economy.

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