The discovery of giant planet in the outer solar system is the extraordinary discovery Unwin said. But the discovery of primordial black hole would be immense and even more spectacular, this would be an amazing news and discovery all over the universe

because many and many people are in suspense of that news like a “black hole” and  etc

In holy book of Muslims the “Holy Quran” some hints for the black hole are given and that’s why normal peoples and scientists and scholars are making sophistication about the topic

A new theory may suggest which is called primordial back hole and this is present in the Neptune star .



Astronomers have long suspected enigmatic cosmic object which is known as planet-9 is                     orbiting around the Sun in for reaches of the solar system. Now new researcher suggest that this       hypothetical world may not have a planet at all, but bowling ball size black hole is left over the           earliest days of the universe.

    Two researchers introduce a new theory called primordial black hole beyond Neptune may  explain unusual gravitational effect in the outer solar system that first led to the  planet 9 hypothesis.


Scientists says that black holes is formed when in the start  universe was becoming it means when

there is a Big bang occurs and all particles of the sun was go away form the sun and after some time these all particles revolving around the sun at that time the remains of collapsed stars primordial black holes are tiny “Some where between a base ball and a bowling ball.

The researcher don’t have find shortly after the Big Bang. When density fluctuation across the early universe created small, super dense pockets of matter. And some time they said that these are relics of Big Bang.

Unwin and Scholtz says that such phenomenon could explain the odd orbit of ” trans Neptunian object”  clusters of asteroids and comets in a region of solar system known as Kuiper Belt” which is lies between the outer solar system.



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