In month of February , The Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Fawad Hussain Chaudhry has announced that one of the technology department named National Institute of Electronics has developed an electronic voting machine. National Institute of Electronics (NIE) is governmental department and this is a huge achievement by them.

NIE has announced that this electronic machine have been developed with collaboration of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) and Comsats University Islamabad

NIE has proposed that upcoming general elections that will be being held in 2023 can be performed and experienced through Electronic Voting Machine.

How E-Voting Machine Works

While explaining the flow of e-voting system Director of Search at NIE Mr. Kamran Bhatti has explained that Symbols of all parties will be on dashboard of E-voting Machine,

Voters will be verified through thumb impression that connected with citizen number and NADRA Database will be synched. Once a voter will come to cast the vote, He will press on the symbol of his desire candidate, A green light will appear from the ballot box of machine side that will indicate that voter has casted the vote successfully.

Furthermore records of all votes will be easily calculated once polling time ends, Also records will be furnished and anyone will sue to the court if anyone has ambiguity regarding votes or calculations.

Security of E-Voting System

Director of Research NIE has ensured about the security of Machine and told that machine can not be hacked in any case and also ensured that voting data will be kept secure in the custody of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).


As Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran khan has huge desire to have a free and fair election in Pakistan and avoid rigging to ensure the democracy. Mr. Prime Minister has already suggested the Election commission to have open balloting votes in senate election held in March 2021 but Election commission has rejected the suggestion and in the practiced the secret balloting that’s why result remained controversial.

In the result of E-Voting overseas Pakistanis will have opportunity to cast the vote and will be part of election

Also Election commission can exercise the upcoming elections through E-Voting Machine.

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