Pakistan Introduces Drone Technology

Drone is latest technology of the world and World has introduced this technology years ago. Drone technology is based on robot and it fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans. Drones are as unnamed planes. Few Software that are embedded  into it like GPS and and sensors that are inside the robot and control its movement.

unmanned aerial vehicle is physically based on two parts, Once is its self drone and second one is robot system that controls this drone.

Purpose of Drone:

As history of drone is about two decades before it was developed for military purposes and drone was widely used in USA Afghan war. But if we go too beyond the In world ward 1 When USA and France has started working on such technology.
Initially drone was developed for the purpose of military use. and it was hugely used and got the success by US Army.

This has been guessed that military’s drones market size projection is about $23.78 billion by 2027.

Few years later world has come to know that drone has not just purpose to use for military but this can be used for daily basis peaceful purposes. He we come to few usage and purposes of drone.

  • Aerial photography for films and capturing events
  • Aerial security for prominent personalities.
  • Gathering information during any disaster through areas where human being can’t visit physically.
  • Geographical mapping of the locations that are not accessible
  • Inspection of hills that are not reachable.
  • Cargo transport
  • Law enforcement and border control surveillance

There would be thousands of other uses of drones that can be listed over here but some of the usages we have explained above.

Pakistan introduces Drone

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Ahmad khan has congratulated minister of Science and technology Fawad Chaudhry on introducing drone technology. A complete discussion was done on the technology and its launching. Purposes of the technology explained by minister of science and technology Fawad Ch. 
later on Fawad ch has explained that they are going to launch this technology to optimize agriculture field especially. All developed countries like USA and China has already deployed this technology in field of agriculture and farmers are taking advantages from this technology. 

Mr imran khan has said that purpose of this technology would be very peaceful. This technology will not be used for extreme purposes. Prime Minister Imran Khan in his remarks stated that employing drone technology for commercial, research and development, agricultural and other peaceful purposes was the need of the hour.

Authority has mandated to control the drone in the country and will discuss the matters of licensing of drone, import and manufacturing of the devices and its permits. They will make ensure that no violation will be made in usage of this technology.

Fawad Hussain Ch has put his remarks on this technology and explained that Pakistan is developing country and it need lot of technologies to introduced in all departments and especially as Pakistan is agriculture country so agriculture must be introduced with technology so that farmers can take advantage from this technology.

Here is a tweet that Fawad Hussain Ch has put on twitter while introducing drone.

Many other celebrities’ have congratulated Mr Fawad Ch on its success and motivated him to do more for Pakistan in the area of technology. Here is a tweet by Fakhar e Alam on this achievement.

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