Pakistan Government led by Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf is going to introduce a job portal. All the jobs that either belong to federal government or provincial governments will be posted on this job portal. This will be a central job advertisement platform for government departments and government autonomous departments.

Moreover international jobs will also be showed on this portal.
Here is linke for National Job Portal

NITB Has developed this software, According to NITB citizens of Pakistan will get all authentic news and verification about the jobs.
National Job Portal is a very basic and important initiative from the project of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF PAKISTAN vision.

This statement was given by special assistant to Prime Minster Imran khan Mr Sayyad Zulfi Bukhar (SZB) that overseas jobs will be shown on Pakistan job portal.  This step will be very helpful for the people who struggle for job search on different job platforms but can’t find their required job ad.

SAPM was talking to the ceremony held for signing the MoU between Overseas Employment Corporation and TEVTA in Islamabad and he said we are pleased to announce that we are going to introduce national job portal for government jobs and international jobs.

As Syad Zulfi Bukhari is special assistant to Prime Minister Imran khan for overseas matters that’s why SAPM has specially mentioned about overseas community.
SAPM said

Prime Minster Imran khan has mainly focus on tourism department. We are taking wide steps to optimize the tourism and making the land a paradise for world tourism like Switzerland and Australia. Through the technical education and trainings , skilled people of Pakistan will avail the opportunity and will host the international tourists.

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