There is going to be an international conference on Summit on Climate hosted by American President Biden.  This conference will be held virtually on April 22 and 23  this month.
US special Envoy for Climate John Kerry will be in India during this month and will be discussing about the upcoming summit.

Prime minister Modi has accepted this invitation with the positive remarks that this initiative by Joe Biden is very impressive and highly appreciated and agreed to attend the virtual summit on climate change

Joe Biden has invited 40 Leaders on this summit including Mr Modi  for US-hosted virtual summit on climate. This initiative is taken to underscore the urgency and economic through climate change.

Where as Pakistan’s leader Prime Minister has given a very wondering statement about this summit and not inviting on such event where Pakistan has its huge contribution towards climate change. Pakistan Contribution on climate change has been recognized by the world. Lot of projects have been started by Pakistan from last 7 years , One of the project is billion psonami tree project.

Here are remarks/Tweets by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

I am puzzled at the cacophony over Pak not being invited to a climate change conf! My govt’s environment policies are driven solely by our commitment to our future generations of a clean & green Pakistan to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Hence our initiatives of Green Pak, 10 bn-tree tsunami, nature based solutions, cleaning up our rivers etc. We have gained vast experience in 7 yrs, beg with KP, & our policies are being recognized & lauded. We are ready to help any state wanting to learn from our experience.

I have already laid out priorities for the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 – COP26 – if the international community is serious about countering impact of climate change.

Here is screenshot of the tweets


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