Prime Minister Modi write letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan on 23rd March

Prime Minister Modi write letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan on 23rd March

23rd March is celebrated in Pakistan as Resolution day or National day. It is kept as national holiday in all over the Pakistan. Nation wide events are held and one of the biggest event is arranged by Pakistan Airforce on Parade ground Islamabad where Pakistan armed weapons and displayed to show to the world about the nuclear strength. Aircrafts perform on the event. Most of the time Prime Minister of Pakistan and President of Pakistan are honored as chief guests of the event hosted by Chief of Army staff including all forces chiefs.

Letters of best wishes from all over the world are received on this day.

As Pakistan and India relations are so weak and there is no such inter communication on government level happening but on 23rd March 2021 Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi writes to Imran Khan on Pakistan Day as peace overtures continue between the two rival nations.

Here are the lines of the letter


On occasion of National day of Pakistan, I extend greetings to the people of Pakistan.

As a Neighboring country, India desires a cordial relation with the people of Pakistan, For this and environment of trust, devoid of terror and hostility is impressive.

Excellency, At this difficult time for humanity, I would like to convey my best wishes to you and the people of Pakistan for dealing with the challenges of  COVID-19 pandemic.

Please accept, excellency, the assurance of my highest consideration.

Here is copy of the letter by PM Modi!

In the response to the letter , Prime minister Imran khan has shown his excellency and responded with positive gesture. The most important thing the Prime Minster has noted in the letter that Pakistan is interested to extend the relationship between two nations and Pakistan is also willing to put his struggle against terrorism. Including all this Prime Minister Imran Khan has mentioned Jammu and Kashmir Issue in the letter cordial lines

Here are few lines by Prime Minster Imran Khan

People of Pakistan also desire a peaceful, cooperative relations with all neighbors, Including India. We convinced that durable peace and stability in South Asia is contingent upon resolving all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan, in particular the Jammu & Kashmir dispute.

Here is copy of the letter by PM Imran Khan

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