Vladimir Putin is president of Rusia from last two decades and he is considered a very powerful person in the world. He is at the age of 68s

Russian President Putin has recently approved a legislation regarding his presidency. He approved the legislation through which he will hold the office of President of Rusia for next two terms that will be ending up to 2036 according to the legal portal by government

Putin has brought constitutional reforms last year regarding the votes in July. According to this current legislation as Putin government will be going to expire on 2024 but this legislation will overcome and reset presidential term limits and in that case He will be ruling the country till 2036.

Putin has also ruled the country for two times 4 years terms of presidency , elected in 2000 and worked in office till 2008.

Now the legislations have been changed on Monday and term will be of six years and most probably Putin will be starting next tenure from 2024 to 2036.

There is an independent election monitor named Golos has criticized this system of voting and proposed that Russians should have been able to vote for each separate change. Russian in that case voted 78% in the favor of change.


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