SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

NADRA has developed one in all the most effective info systems of the world and that they are rising it day by day. NADRA has introduced the SMS based trailing and verification for many of the projects. This facilitates the beneficiaries in checking their eligibility for every program without having to reach the centers. currently you don’t ought to visit NADRA offices to get someone’s details verified or to get some details. it’s become very simple currently to verify anyone if you are planning to have dealing or are hiring him/her. NADRA SMS services offer great facilities.

Here are some SMS services codes provided by NADRA Pakistan:

8500 – Prime Minister National Health Program:

The Sehat Sahulat Program was launched in 2015 with objective indulge with the most effective medical and health care services to the underprivileged and poor people of Pakistan through a free micro insurance scheme.

7000 – SMS  based citizen verification:SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

Verify your registered members of the family in NADRA. simply verify their CNIC by sending an SMS to 7000.

Write CNIC number without dashes and send it to 7000. In response you may get name and father’s name of that specific CNIC range holder (in urdu fonts). Example: write 32……..89 and send to 7000 Charges: Rs. 10 and tax per Message.

8400 – tracking identity applications:SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

you’ll track the status of your applications concerning CNIC, NICOP and Form-B etc with the assistance of an SMS service of NADRA. To facilitate the citizens, NADRA has introduced this straightforward, simple and convenient service through that an individual will track the status of his CNIC or Form-B etc. you’ll check the status of your ID card or Form-B by getting into the tracking ID that is given on the token.

To track the identity card application standing SMS the tracking ID to 8400, Open Write SMS possibility on your mobile and send the 12 digit tracking range to 8400. for instance, 123456559000 To 8400.

9888 – Flood Beneficiaries verification, Watan Card:SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

SMS service would alter the native authorities to examine the eligibility of the applier for Watan Card.

Simply causation his or her computerized national positive identification number to the selected short code – 9888. In response, a text message would be sent from the authority’s central server confirming the CNIC’s existence in the beneficiary list.

9777 – Pakistan Card:SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

The National database and Registration Authority (NADRA) launched a mobile SMS service unitedly with PTA to see if a person is enclosed within the beneficiary list for the Pakistan Card project. The project facilitates rain-affected folks to ascertain the status of their requests.

For this send your CNIC to 9777 and check your eligibility.

8300 – Election System Verification:SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

election commission of Pakistan (ECP) unitedly with NADRA provides SMS service for the general public to facilitate the eligible voters to examine their registration status.

Public will get the data by entering CNIC range and sending the text message to the number 8300. an automatic response are received in this regard with the name of electoral space, block code and serial number.

667-varify sim ownership:SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

All the franchises are connected on-line to NADRA systems.

Individuals will send a blank message to 667 to verify their SIM ownership. The response includes the name of the person and also the CNIC number. If you only purchased a new SIM then the info isn’t offered for a couple of days and you’ll get a message with Unknown name and 1111 as CNIC.

668-total number of mobile sims:

To search out out the overall number of mobile SIM’s registered against CNIC.

A subscriber will send his CNIC  to 668 through SMS, freed from value and reciprocally he would receive detail of total SIMs against his CNIC along side name of the mobile company. just in case there’s any discrepancy, the user would visit concerned client Service Center (CSC) to induce the info corrected.

8521-vehicle verification:SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

Through this system you’re able to verify the details of the vehicle before buying. If you have got recently purchased a vehicle or you are going to get one, verify it on-line 1st. Verify the province in which your vehicle has been registration moreover, once you have got accessed the website enter the number of the specified vehicle and you’ll get all the data e.g. make, model, color, type, chassis range and name of the owner.

Any person from anyplace within Pakistan may send Chassis No. of the vehicle  to 8521 and you may shortly get details on your mobile. this is known as stolen Vehicles Identification System (SVIS). this technique is meant to find lost automobile and to discourage marketing of stolen automobile.

9966-Active TAX payers:SMS Short Codes in Pakistan 2022

Simply type “ATL space 13 digits CNIC No” and send it on 9966 from the mobile phone. This facility may be used to determine the filer/ non-filer status of the income taxpayers from the Active Taxpayers List (ATL).

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