Definition of social media:
Social media allow people to share information, videos, pictures, documents and other contents with the help of websites. Different countries communicate with their relatives with the help of social sites and they also share their pictures and videos with them. Social media also help in business and trades. Social media provide opportunity to people to do online jobs.
Pros of social media:
Social media help people to communicate with their relatives either they are from one country or from different countries. They feel closer with their relatives because of social media. People feel comfortable while using social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter. Social media provide opportunity to get online job. It is the reason to decrease unemployment. Students also get benefit from social media such as they are using internet when they feel difficulty in any subject area. Internet help in studying new things. So social media is helpful and very important in our life.
Cons of social media:
With the advent of web, people started to create their own websites. Then they spread misinformation and people believe this because it’s on web. Many students get low grades or GPA in their academic session because they spend most time on social sites. This ruin their life. Parents make check and balance on their kids and they also use the same sites the chides use. One of most important disadvantage of social media is the loss of face to face communication. They made online relationships with other people and then this ruin their life. Productivity rate is also decreased because people spend most time on social media.

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