An Era of Digital Currency is coming in Pakistan. A new initiative of digital currency in Pakistan is a great step for Pakistan’s economy and for Pakistan both. In negotiation with commercial banks of Pakistan. These bank gives innovative solution to  all Pakistani which are living in Pakistan and non residential Pakistan.

This is first time in Pakistan that a Pakistani who is not physically in Pakistan can open an account in Pakistan remotely by digitally or online not visiting any banks. Account will open just with basic requirements and documents.



   ISLAMABAD :  As state bank of Pakistan (SBP) promised issuing digital currency in Pakistan. Finance Minister Asad Umar on Monday asked central bank and Federal Investigation Authority(FIA) to ensure cyber security in banking system to emerging benefits of digitalization to peoples.


SBP’s Deputy Jameel Ahmad said this was our mission to launch digital currency before 2025 to reduce financial inclusion and reduce inefficacy and corruption, Moreover the central bank would adopt evolving realities of time and would be fully digitized and technology equipped by year 2030.

SBP’s policies are so that they are launching, SadaPay, a Digital valet and a Debit card company and a “neobank” has raised the more money of $7.2 billion.




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