Differences between US domestic politics and Joe Biden are also playing a role.
The United States does not need Pakistan to appear in the US Senate recently. We will face all kinds of situations.

The United States has already decided that this is the wreckage of my defeat and failure. And they are more than achieving their goals and they are more than each other in the writings that are leaving Pakistan behind in various ways and tactics. There is a story.

The United States will liberate Pakistan from economic stability and slavery in Pakistan through an alliance of China and other Islamic countries along the Silk Road. And it has been revealed that Pakistan will become an economic power.

This was not an ordinary person’s statement.
Europe said that on behalf of the United States, we will act at your own discretion. Is changing rapidly.
Joe Biden is currently under intense criticism and a bill is being introduced to protect him from criticism.
The drama of US sanctions will soon flop.
Greetings to the rising sun of the world and now all eyes are on China.
Pakistan no longer says this is the case.

Pakistan’s future is bright if it is closed again by Allah for 10 years.
China, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and 15 future European countries will also join the alliance.

Pakistan’s territory is exempt from the world’s seven largest gas and oil pipelines.
In India, even in a few years, there is a report of urgent need for gas from Pakistan.

If Pakistan gets 12 12 billion in royalties, Pakistan will try to get the sub-pipeline out of Balochistan.

After every rise there is a fall and after every fall there is a rise.

By the grace of Allah, the time of rise of Pakistan has now begun.
Give orders to Abu Musa.

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