Cricket is considered biggest and most interesting game in the world and especially most popular game in sub continent/South Asia. Either its India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan, Cricket lovers are more than any game.
Now revolutionary step in cricket is that it has become very fast game by introducing t-20 twenty cricket and now after that Leagues from different countries have made cricket very interesting.
In Cricket leagues players from all over the world participate and make the game interesting.

Famous cricket leagues are IPL hosted by India , bigbash hosted by England, PSL hosted by Pakistan and BPL hosted by Bangladesh.

Players from all over the world participate in leagues and they are highly paid that’s why people take more interest in leagues instead of international matches.

Recently Kavien Peterson who is middle order batsman for England cricket has stated very controversial statement that ICC or England cricket board should not schedule and international match while there is season of Indian Premier League (IPL).

As there is ongoing series between South Africa and Pakistan but main players like de-cock and many more are leaving for IPL as they had already signed contract with BCCI that’s why they are not participating in Pakistan vs South Africa series. On this response Kevin Peterson statement was that board should not organize any even while there is IPL being played.

Though this statement is very bised statement for Indian Cricket, as IPL is a very closed cricket for Indian cricket board, IPL is not hosted by ICC so all profit and credit is toward BCCI instead of ICC. Many countries players don’t participate in IPL like Pakistan players. So IPL should not be recognized as main event and Kevin Peterson should not suggest ICC about international cricket.

Keving Peterson tweet about IPL

Few days back one statement was given by South Africa legendry bowler Dale Steyn about IPL , He said IPL usually focuses on Money instead of cricketing where as cricket in PLS is measured more interesting instead of IPL. This statement was highlighted by Indian fans Steyn got criticism on response.

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