Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

Who ar a number of the best male squash players of all times? Through this text we are going to discuss a number of the most effective men’s players to own graced the international circuit.

  • When the leading men’s squash player Ramy Ashour declared his retirement from skilled squash in 2019, it delivered to associate degree finish a career that wowed the hearts and minds of squash fanatics world over.

Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

The frequent injuries and retirements from matches brought a premature finish to the career of a player concept over Organization several say might have gone on to become the best squash player ever.

In this articles we explain Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022.

#5.Jansher Khan:Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

While Jahangir went nearly undoubted for many of the Eighties, world squash saw the arrival of another Pakistani nice.

  • Jansher Khan took the planet stage by storm because the potential heir to Jahangir’s throne. Over the years, Jansher and Jahangir compete against one another thirty seven times competitively, with Jansher beginning trumps on nineteen occasions.

Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

In 1987, Jansher won his initial World Championship in 1987 as a teen and thereupon rose to the summit of the planet Rankings. The No. one spot unbroken obtaining listed between the 2 Pakistani players throughout the Nineteen Nineties.

  • Jansher Khan won the planet Championships a record eight times and conjointly accessorial six British Open titles to a sparkling trophy-haul.

He spent a complete of ninety seven months hierarchical as world number one, 3 higher than his arch rival. The essence of Jansher’s game were his pace round the court and sharp reflexes.

  • However, as his knees began to make known towards the top of the century, Jansher finally known as it equal in 2001.

With ninety nine skilled title wins, Jansher decorated his sports implement as arguably the best squash player in history. together with his retirement, complete the Pakistani political system at the highest of the squash ladder.

#4.Nick Matthew:Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022


‘The Wolf’ as he has been christened, Nick Matthew was best-known for his drive to succeed in the least prices, and his vigor.

  • By defeating European Thierry Lincou in 2006, Matthew became the primary English player to win a people Open men’s title since 1939. He followed that up by rising to the highest of the men’s World Rankings in 2009.


With sequent World Champion title wins in 2012 and 2013, Nick sealed his authority on the game. The win in 2012 created him the the primary English person within the event’s 35-year history to win the tournament.

  • In 2015, Matthew triumphed at the Windy City hospitable become the oldest ever winner of a protein World Series event at the age of thirty four.

With 3 World Championships, 3 British Open titles and thirty five protein World Tour championship wins, Nick Matthew sits on the highest of the pile of squash players from European nation.


#3.Geoff Hunt:Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

This prolific Australian player spent a complete of fifty nine months as world no 1. With four world championship titles, eight British Open wins, Geoff Hunt was the largest name in squash until the Khans from Pakistan created their presence felt.

  • Hunt additionally has the excellence of changing into the primary ever World Champion within the sport of squash, once he won the trophy in 1976. That win set in motion a run of 3 consecutive Championship trophies.

At the age of thirty three, Hunt captured his last World Championship crown in 1980. Having lost within the finals of the event within the ensuant year, Geoff Hunt set to decision it every day, so conveyance to finish the career of squash’s 1st nice champion.

#2.Jahangir Khan:Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

Retired Pakistani squash player Jahangir Khan is wide considered the simplest squash player in history. He was unvanquished in competitive play once he was in his high kind and won 555 matches consecutively from 1981 to 1986.

Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

He is the Guinness World Records holder for this 555-winning heritage because the longest run by any contestant in any top-ranking skilled sport.

  • Jahangir won the planet Amateur Championships at the age of fifteen and won World Open Champion at the age of seventeen because the youngest player ever in squash history.

He won land Open a record 10 times and also the World Open sixfold throughout his career. Besides squash, he additionally became the President of the planet Squash Federation from 2002 to 2008 and was re-appointed because the retired President in 2012.

1#Jonathan Power:Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

Retired Canadian squash player dessert apple Power is wide thought of one in every of the simplest shotmakers within the history of squash. he’s acclaimed for his big variety of deception shots and drop shots.

  • He is the primary North yank squash player to succeed in the planet No. one ranking in squash.
  • He won thirty six protein tournaments and took part in fifty eight finals throughout his career.

He won the planet Open in 1998, land Open in 1999, the protein Masters 3 times from 2001 to 2005, the Super Series Finals twofold from 2003 to 2005, the Tournament of Champions fourfold from 1996 to 2002, and additionally won the prize in men’s singles at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

  • After his retirement in 2006, he’s presently running the ability Squash Academy in Toronto, Canada.

Conclusion:Top 10 best scotch players in the world 2022

Squash is one in every of the foremost well-liked sports within the world without delay. And, there square measure totally different variations of squash vie all across the planet. The U.S. hardball singles and doubles square measure vie with a more durable ball and in several size courts.

A doubles version of squash vie with the quality ball on a wider court and lawn tennis-like options square measure known as squash tennis. The yank relative, racquetball, that is vie during a comparatively tiny court and low-bouncing balls, is additionally highly regarded.

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