Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

A round-the-world research tour for the second annual World’s Best Restaurants from Travel plus Leisure and Food & Wine, our wandering critic, Besha Rodell, set off early this year. She had just begun her U.S. tasting tour when the issue escalated and it was time to send her home.

To honor chefs and restaurateurs who are doing wonderful work around the world, it seemed more necessary than ever. When foreign travel resumes, we’ll reveal the full list of winners. The restaurants listed below are just a taste of this year’s World’s Best Restaurants selection.

The Top 10 Restaurants in the World:

  1. La Mar in Lima, Peru:

Culinary mastermind Gastón Acurio’s La Mar delivers the best of Peru’s Pacific seas to the table every day. The pioneering cevicheria in Lima’s affluent Miraflores district is consistently included in Latin America’s 50 Best. Until ensure only the freshest product is provided, La Mar is only open from 12pm to 5:30pm daily.

There are no reservations and it is always a popular choice for Limeos. The menu is extensive, but the classic ceviche with the catch of the day is a must. A pisco sour is required for the whole Lima experience.

  1. Mariscos Ruben in Tijuana, Mexico:Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

You don’t have to go far from 8th & Quintana Roo to have great Mexican food in Tijuana. Within a block, you’ll discover Taqueria Franc and La Cahua del Yeyo, but best of all, Mariscos Ruben, the west coast’s best food truck.

Ruby and Mirta Rodriguez have owned Mariscos Ruben for 20 years, serving Sonoran-style seafood from the Sea of Cortez. The truck is surrounded by a covered patio and a tiny building with a charcoal barbecue.

  1. The Grey in Savannah, Georgia:Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

The Grey, which is housed in a 1938 art deco Greyhound Bus Terminal that has been lovingly restored to its former glory, offers a culinary, wine, and service experience that is both familiar and sophisticated.

The Grey is able to offer dishes that are deep, complex, and soulful in flavor by bringing her particular interpretation on Port Place Southern cooking to a city where she grew up.

Guests will find a melting pot of intriguing and comforting sensations, with something new unveiled with each visit, thanks to a passion for regional products, fish, and meats.

  1. Sorbillo in Naples, Italy:Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

Sorbillo located situated Via dei Tribunali 32, Napoli. It has a blue and white emblem that says “Gino e Toto Sorbillo”. Pay notice since immediately next to it is another Sorbillo that sells take-out pizza and claims to be a cousin of the famous one. I haven’t tried it and don’t know how it is.

As for the famed Gino Sorbillo, after you arrive, go to the door where a pizza employee will take your name and write it on their waiting list. Traditionally, Sorbillo does not accept reservations, however due to a Covid restriction, they now do. Make a call to avoid the line.

  1. Saturne in Paris, France:Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

Chef Sven Chartier oversees Saturne with decanter master Ewen Lemoigne. Restaurant with tables, bar and shelving constructed by Basque craftsmen from magnificent solid wood.

The first room is a bistro, offering charcuterie, marinated fish, carpaccio, and a daily special. Prices range from €12 to €15 with no reservations. Chartier pampers his products in the open kitchen of the second dining area. In addition, he avoids using sauces.

His delicacies are artisanal: brioche with col-vert duck and foie gras, mesclun salad, and chipirones a la plancha with eggplant, tomato, red onion, olive oil, basil, and fleur de sel. Sarthe-raised Guinea bird is served with grilled maize prepared with rapeseed oil, a half onion, and a whole leek.

His creative approach to veggies reflects his previous work with legendary vegetarian chef Alain Passard. Lemoigne knows how to pair wines with “natural” cuisine, such a 2008 Beaujolais-Villages “La Bonne Pioche” created with organic grapes. The precise service is aimed to not distract the diner from the product quality.

Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

  1. Fuunji in Tokyo, Japan:Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

When Fuunji opened in 2007, it stood out. Its plot intrigues. Miyake-san, the owner, is an Italian chef by training.

They serve ramen but are noted for their flavorful tsukemen. They also helped usher in the current tsukemen era. What’s so special about their tsukemen?

It takes 8 hours to boil, 6 hours to filter, and a day to mature and get to know each other. It’s a lot of work.

  1. Attica in Melbourne, Australia:Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

Attica serves up the best of Australian cuisine. Ben Shewry’s multi-course tasting menu reimagines native ingredients. Think bunya nuts, finger limes, and exotic herbs from Rippon Lea Estate.

The drinks menu includes cold smoked apple juice and serious South Australian skin-contact wines. Reservations are accepted on the first Wednesday of each month for the following three months. Remember to act quickly.

Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

  1. El Chato in Bogota, Colombia:Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

El Chato, a green brick-floored restaurant that hums with positive vibrations, is the epitome of Colombia’s vibrant, exuberant spirit. A sophisticated cocktail program with a tropical twist adds to the pleasure, and chef Alvaro Clavijo’s food is approachable yet crazily innovative. Cubed crab with cilantro and fermented jicama. Shiitake mushrooms with pine, honey, and bee pollen taste both revelatory and perfect. I had a great time eating alone, but El Chato beckoned for a boisterous group of companions to join in the fun.

Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

  1. Lasai in Rio de Janiero, Brazil:

For his multi-course tasting menus at Lasai, chef Rafael Costa e Silva uses exclusively foods from Rio de Janeiro state, many of which come from his own gardens. So much for the airy modern vibe of the town-house dining area and the cooking’s vaguely Basque flavor.

But none of those descriptions capture this place’s subtle, wonderful energy. Everything at Lasai has a studied vibrancy, from the brilliantly flavored fruit-based cocktails to the exquisite, structurally arranged entrees to the wide and intelligently chosen wine pairings.

Local fish is served with hearts of palm and creamy coconut. The dishes arrive in a bright whirlwind. Costa e Silva is a master of contrasts in color, flavor, and texture. Eating there makes you feel alive.

Top 10 Restaurants in the World.

  1. Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney, Australia:

In many ways, Momofuku Seiobo contradicts the WBR list’s objective to highlight eateries that reflect local culture. One of an American restaurant group’s sophisticated Caribbean restaurants amid Sydney’s enormous casino back corridor.

But regulations should be broken. Chef Paul Carmichael, a Barbadian native, tackles his native cuisine with lyricism, authenticity, and a commitment to pleasure.


Regards: Muhammad Kaleem, Graduated From IIUI in 2020.

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