Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

These hidden options can modification the means you employ your phone.

Hidden options

Your phone is used for way more than simply creating calls and causation texts.

  • Find out about these hidden iPhone options to utilize your phone higher and perhaps impress your friends with all the new technology hacks you’ve noninheritable . Also, here square measure some cellular phone accessories you’ll use daily.

I still keep in mind however excited i used to be to explore the hidden iPhone tips and tricks once change from automaton to iOS a couple of years past.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

whereas unlocking the complete potential of iOS was on prime of mind, I conjointly wanted to double down on productivity by cutting all the slack.

  • Although at first, it took quite little bit of time on behalf of me to urge a decent suspend of the iPhone and a lot of significantly the upsides that come back bundled with the Apple system, it had been business as was common once I went past the training curve.

whether or not you’re on an analogous track and appear to possess got lost at the initial stage of the training curve or have determined to create the foremost of your iPhone/iPad by unraveling the professional hacks, these square measure the fifty best iOS hacks which will enhance your expertise.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

As nearly each app possesses a few of hidden tricks, it needs some dig to unravel all of them. whereas some iPhone hacks square measure just out of sight, others need a small amount of workaround.

Keeping productivity, security/privacy, and customization in mind, I even have created bound to line up a range of tricks.

  • So, it’s got far more than simply discovering a couple of peachy hacks. thereupon in mind, let’s get on with the roundup!

In this article we explain that Top best hidden features about iphone 2022.

Sign one thing:

It’s forever a pain once somebody emails you a document that you just need to sign. you finish up printing it out, signing it, and so scanning it back to yourself.

  • Your iPhone contains a hidden feature which will keep you from touch the print button. transfer the PDF connected to your email, click the pen icon within the prime right corner, and cede.

Once you’re finished, click drained the highest left corner, and your phone can offer you the choice to reply to the e-mail with the signed attachment or to make a brand new email.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} conjointly share signed documents between your Apple devices if you find out how to use AirDrop—it can extremely are available in handy in an exceedingly pinch.

Get flash notifications:

If you ne’er appear to listen to your phone once it burst, you’ll activate the camera flash to blink anytime you get a notification.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

  • Move to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > and toggle on crystal rectifier Flash for Alerts. If you’ve ever puzzled if your iPhone will get a scourge, here’s your answer.

Create text replacements:

Autocorrect will generally get within the means, however your iPhone really helps you to lead of it.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

  • visit Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and faucet the sign within the prime right corner. produce code abbreviations for words you ordinarily use. If you’re doing these items together with your iPhone, Apple consultants disapprove.

Conversions:Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

If you wish a fast conversion (for example, euros to U.S. dollars), all you’ve got to try and do it swipe right your phone and search it.

  • A Spotlight search bar can seem at the highest of your screen. simply kind “20 Euros to USD” and also the conversion can seem right at the highest.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

you’ll be able to conjointly use this feature to try and do fast mathematics. You’ll positively need to ascertain these straightforward ways in which to urge obviate annoying iPhone notifications.

Assistive bit:Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

Some iPhone hacks are often a touch awkward to try and do. as an example, holding down the house button and lock button to require a screenshot.

AssistiveTouch is Associate in Nursing iPhone feature that helps you to do this with only one faucet.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

  • visit Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. Once you switch it on, a white circle can seem on your screen. Click customise prime Level Menu to select} and choose that options you wish to seem in your AssistiveTouch menu, like lock screen, mute, multitasking, or screenshot.

This is often what Apple insiders fathom iPhones that you simply don’t.

Burst mode:Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

If you’re making an attempt to capture some action shots on your phone however area unit troubled you won’t click at the proper time, simply use burst mode.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

  • All you’ve got to try and do is hold down the white circle button like you’re taking a photograph for but long the action is occurring for. Your phone can take a burst of photos that you simply will later kind through to choose the most effective ones.


Scan a document:Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

Your iPhone has the flexibility to scan and store documents. rather than taking a hazy image that you just won’t be able to scan after you reference it later, open up the notes app and make a brand new note.

  • Then, click the sign at all-time low of the screen and choose Scan Document. purpose your phone at the document you would like to scan and a yellow box can seem over it.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

Once you snap the image a crop tool can seem over the image therefore you’ll regulate it to the size you would like. explore these secret smartphone codes you ought to begin victimisation at once.

Get the desktop version:Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

Sometimes the mobile version of webpages is slightly totally different than the desktop version. If you’re accustomed the desktop version of sure sites, you’ll still access them from your iPhone.

Top best hidden features about iphone 2022

  • simply head to the page, hold down the refresh icon within the universal resource locator bar, and click on Request Desktop website.

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