List of top ten  richest peoples in the world is given below.

Rank       Name                       Net worth                       Age          Source          Country

1.           Jeff Bezos                   $187.5B                              57               Amazon                   United States

2.          Elon Musk                  $169.9B                              49               Tesla, SpaceX         United  States

3.         Bernard Arnoult        $162.7B                               72                LVMH                     United  States

4.         Bill Gates                    $129.2B                               65               Microsoft                United States

5.         Mark Zuker burg       $111.6B                               36               Facebook                 United States

6.         Warren Buffet            $99.8B                                90               Berkshire                United states

7.        Larry page                  $96.1B                                 48                Google                    United States

8.         Sergey Brin                $93.2$                                47                Google                    United States

9.         Mukesh Ambani      $76.2$                                67                 Diversified             India

10.    Amancio ortega         $76.1$                                   85                 Zara                       Spain


In this list you can see the mostly richest peoples are belong to America which is the super power of the world and we should think some thing about that why there is matter that mostly richest peoples are belonging to America why other countries are not?

this question should come to every mind and why no any Pakistani is not among the richest or why mostly from the America. Why an Indian is not ,a German is not and any other country is not so?

These all people are the entrepreneurs in over life mostly are the owners of the main companies and websites like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Space etc. that’s why these are the most wealthiest people in the world.



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