USA officials have confirmed that USA is going to participate in a meeting with Iran in Vienna in coming week. There will be talk on Iran Nuclear deal and Tehran will be involved in this meeting.

Ned Price said that this would too early to say something positive but we can say this this is very positive and forward step so for. Also said there will be no direct one to one discussion between Iran and USA but we hope that there will be positive gesture by Iran and we are too open to discuss the matters.

Europeans Union said that we don’t have direct discussion with Iran because they demanded to lift sanctions from Iran before any discussion.

United State Official said that our motive and main issue under the discussion will be on the nuclear deal that Iran will have to take it in order to compliance in terms of JCPOA , In such ways sanctions will be moved towards some relaxations.

Iran has insisted to remove the sanctions taken by Trump Government , After that they will be going to move towards discussion.

In the discussion in Vienna, there will be all stakeholders like China, Russia, UK, Germany and France. They will be participating and will be discussed the matter of Nuclear deal.

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