Use of Information Technology in Business

overdue accounts to employing sophisticated artificial intelligence tools such as neural networks and genetic algorithms to solve a complex problem or take advantage of an opportunity. In case, let’s say the ‘’OLAP’’ supports effective decision making. You can also perform OLAP by using databases and data warehouses. Supports Shared Information through Decentralized Computing: Decentralize computing is an environment in which an organization splits computing power and locates it in functional business areas as well as on the desktop of knowledge workers. While Shared information is an environment in which an organization’s information is organized in one central location, allowing any one to access and use it as they need to. Today, most businesses have created a decentralized computing structure which brings together the entire spectrum of the business’s information in an orderly fashion so that it can be accessed and used by anyone who needs it. This structure of information is most often a database, which is designed to directly support the concept of shared information.
Supports Innovation:

Information technology tools not only support information-processing tasks, decision-making tasks, and shared information through decentralized computing, but they also enable innovation. Tools like internet, present us with the opportunity to make research on any subject, the information acquired during the process can be used in creative design of services or products. Society has used information technology to create technologies which can simplify communication and relationships. Mobile phones have made communication easier and social networks like ‘’ ‘’ have played a big role in helping people discover their old friends and create new ones as well. Also people use online dating platforms to find long time lovers, sites like are known for connecting people and these relationships always result into marriage, which is a good deed for the society.

  Job Creation:

Today, their so many companies which have been created using information technology, and this has solved the problem of job scarcity to a certain degree. Many of these big IT corporations were started from homes and bedrooms, but now they employee lots of people hence adding value to our society. A good example of these companies include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, just to mention but a few. Information technology has helped in shaping both the business world and our society in general. Many fields have been impacted by information technology and these include; education , health , entertainment , communication just to mention but a few. The impacts of information technology are profound. As the world develops, more technology will emerge and this technology will have both positive and negative impacts. Below i have detailed points showing you how information technology has impacted our lives.

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