Java and javascript are two different languages , There are few similarities and mainly they are totally different to each other
Similarities are like… 

  1. Both languages are used for web development
  2. Both are used to make web pages interactive and user eye catching
  3. Both use { and } for code block 
  4. Both use semicolon (;) for end of code statement
  5. Both have math library for math formulas and calculations Math.pow
  6. Both have return statements 
  7. Both have basic for, while do while loops for iterations
  8. Both languages can run in a browser 

Differences are listed here…
The JavaScript programming language, developed by Netscape, Inc while Java is developed by Oracle Sun micro system
JavaScript is scripting language while as Java is Object oriented Programming language
Java is strongly typed language while as java script is loosely typed language
Java applications are run on JVM while as JavaScript run on browsers
Java is a Standalone language while JavaScript contain within web pages and deal with html pages
Java program uses more memory while JavaScript uses less memory that’s  why exist in web pages
Java has thread based approach while JavaScript has event based approach.

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