What is Roshan Digital Account – Certificates 2022

Only non resident Pakistanis can open roshan account.

Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPCs) are high-interest yielding sovereign investment certificates issued by the
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for Foreign Currency Value Account holders (FCVA) and Pakistani Rupee
Value Account holders (NRVA).
Along with lucrative returns for investors, these certificates also provide NRPs with an opportunity to
contribute towards development of a progressive Pakistan. Customers have the option to subscribe to various
tenors ranging from 3-Months to 5-Years.

Key Features:What is Roshan Digital Account – Certificates 2022

  • Offered in multiple currencies; PKR, USD, GBP, and EUR
  • Short and long-term investment tenors of 3-Months, 6-Months, 12-Months, 3-Years and 5-Years
  • Fully and easily repatriable
  • No Zakat deduction
  • Premature encashment option
  • Option to raise Financing against Naya Pakistan Certificates pledged as a security
  • High returns of up to 11% on your investments in multiple currency denominated certificates

Roshan Digital Accounts Profit Rates:What is Roshan Digital Account – Certificates 2022

What is Roshan Digital Account - Certificates 2022

Roshan Apni Car:What is Roshan Digital Account – Certificates 2022

Get the dream car for your family members in Pakistan from a variety of Locally Manufactured Brand New Vehicles.
With Roshan Apni Car you enjoy privileged markup rates, flexible financing limits, exclusive insurance rates, priority delivery of vehicles.

Roshan Samaaji Khidmat:What is Roshan Digital Account – Certificates 2022

Roshan Samaaji Khidmat is a social initiative of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for Overseas Pakistanis who can now make Zakat & Donation payments digitally through their Roshan Digital Account (RDA)

RDA – Roshan Apna Ghar:What is Roshan Digital Account – Certificates 2022

Roshan Apna Ghar provides quick and convenient solutions to get housing finance in easy and affordable monthly installments. This facility will be available for customers who either willing to keep their investment as lien against their net financing amount as collateral or avail financing without cash collateral. Further, this will also be available to all the customer of Govt Mark-up Subsidy Scheme (G-MSS) for housing finance as per already defined criteria under respective tiers

Salient Features:What is Roshan Digital Account – Certificates 2022

  • Maximum financing against property value
  • Exclusive Price Offering
  • Flexibility to make partial pre-payments with zero charges after first year
  • For first year 1% will be charged upon Early Termination after words NO charges will be levied.
  • Processing fee Rs. 4,000/- (exclusive of FED)
  • Optional life Takaful covering death (due to any cause) and accidental/natural disability
  • Property Takaful (covering the financing amount) absolutely FREE for customers
  • Govt Mark-up subsidy scheme (GMSS) for housing finance will be applicable as per already defined criteria
    under respective tiers


Roshan Digital Account (RDA) is a banking facility available to Non-resident Pakistanis, this facility allows Pakistani nationals living abroad to have access to banking services within Pakistan without having to visit a consulate, embassy or a physical bank branch. The initiative was launched by the government of Imran Khan, who inaugurated the programme in September


We thank you for your interest in Roshan Digital Account (RDA) for Non-Resident Pakistanis. Please provide your feedback on overall user experience, suggestions and complaints (if any) for further improvement at ebanc.roshanaccount@hbl.com or call at +92 21 111 555 425. You can also contact us on Twitter@HBLPak​ or on our Facebook Page

HBL Customers may also share their feedback and suggestions related to Roshan Digital Accounts to State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) at RDASupport@sbp.org.pk. For further information on Roshan Digital Account from State Bank of Pakistan, please visit http://www.sbp.org.pk/RDA/index.htmlor email at RDAsupport@sbp.org.pk​​

eBanc Roshan Digital Account is a unique opportunity for Overseas Pakistanis to open an account with HBL from the comfort of their homes. Customers can open an eBanc Roshan Digital Account to channel Remittances for further investments in securities via CDC, Government is​​​sued Bonds, real estate investments and other legitimate purposes as allowed by the State Bank of Pakistan. ​​​​


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