WhatsApp launches very drastic attacks on Apple

WhatsApp launches very drastic attacks on Apple

WhatsApp is latest of communication. It is considered as very fast, simple, secure and  reliable messaging app . WhatsApp is also a mode of calling as either video call or audio call.

WhatsApp has its competitors in the market but its widely used in all over the world. No one from the competitor is coming closer to the competition.

Few days back WhatsApp has revised their privacy policy and people were scared of the privacy policy and a majority of users shifted from WhatsApp to other communicating apps like telegram and few more. But later on WhatsApp has cleared about the privacy policy and terms conditions and let the world know that the they are not compromising on the privacy of users and not sharing their information with any third party.
WhatsApp is owned by Facebook now.

Now come to the point of subject as WhatsApp CEO Cathcart  has attacked the Apple in recent Podcast.

WhatsApp CEO Said in the recent podcast that Apple does not want the people to use Android OS.

CEO has given the example of I messaging that people use while using IPhone, CEO said I messaging is quite better than any other messaging service while all are using IPhone. That’s why Apple wants people not to use android and they must stuck with I messaging.

And its  quite said that people use message more than WhatsApp messaging.

CEO has stated that he has used iPhone for many years and right now he is using Android and his communication usually done through WhatsApp as many people as using.
One more thing that CEO said that WhatsApp is mostly used by Android users while as iPhone users communicate through message instead of WhatsApp.

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