Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?

                  The Sehat Sahulat Program was launched in 2015 with  objective indulge with the most effective medical and health care services to the deprived and poor people of Pakistan through a free micro insurance scheme. Since then, regarding 15451218 families have listed within the PM’s health programme. 

Each registered family are entitled to receive a health coverage of up to PKR ten 100000 each year from the Sehat Sahulat Programme . Another notable feature of this programme is that it includes both public and private hospitals. 

Those who avail  this programme are eligible for all medical and surgical processes, hospitalization, maternity services, follow-ups and practice while not paying something out of their pockets. All they’d got to avail these services is their Sehat Insaf Card, that is issued to all or any registered person and includes a validity of 1 year. 

Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?


As per the Health Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Taimur Saleem Jhagra, the govt. plans to pay PKR eighteen billion so as to supply free treatment and health care services to the forty million individuals living within the thirty five districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Now govt is spreading this scheme in all over the country. In  provinces like Punjab, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, KPK and Islamabad this insurance scheme is already  working properly.    

Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?

Discussing the insurance theme, the minister explained that PKR two 100000 are given for emergency cases, general surgery and maternity services, whereas PKR four 100000 are meant for diabetes, cancer, kidney diseases, vessel and medicine diseases. The remaining PKR four 100000 is for a kidney transplant, therapy, and different emergencies.  

Benefits of sehat sahulat programme: Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?

This programme allows lower and middle-income residents to receive quality medical treatment without concern regarding money restraints. 

Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?

 Here are some advantages of Sehat Sahulat Programme:  

  • The Sehat Insaf Card of Sehat Sahulat Programme entitles beneficiaries and their members of the family to avail free-of-cost emergency services, hospitalization, medical treatments, surgical procedures, maternity services, referral transportation, follow-ups and consultations. These services constitute the secondary care package.  
  • The priority package of PM’s health programme additionally covers diabetes, heart diseases diseases, burns, organ failure, road traffic accidents, oncology, neurosurgical procedures, advanced kidney diseases, dialysis, and chronic diseases like TB and infectious disease,thalassemia,jaundice among others. 
  • On  annual basis, every family member of a Sehat Insaf Cardholder is eligible to avail a treatment value up to PKR 60,000 for secondary and PKR  300000 for priority packages, as per the official website. However, if the medical bills of the cardholder or their family member exceed that limit, their card is lidded off with a further quantity to cover the value of the treatment.initially the treatment with sehat insaf card was possible upto 7 lakh per year but now treatment upto 10 lakhs will be possible. 
  • Those listed within the Prime Minister’s Sehat Sahulat Programme also will have their hospital transportation, value PKR a thousand, coated thrice a year  
  • In case the cardholder passes away, their family are given PKR 10,000 to assist with the burial expenses 
  • Beneficiaries of this insurance theme will visit any of the govt. and private medical facilities mentioned within the list of empanelled hospitals on the programme’s web site  

Eligibility criteria for sehat sahulat programme: Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?

As per the official website for the programme, it absolutely was introduced to provide free indoor treatment to persons with disabilities, members of the transgender community, and people living below the boundary line (earning but USD 2 per day) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Azad Jammu and geographical area, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Meanwhile, all the residents of fresh integrated social group districts and Tharparkar District in Sindh are eligible for the Sehat Insaf Card of Sehat Sahulat Program, 

How to apply for sehat sahulat programme Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?

 a way to apply for Sehat Sahulat Programme on-line 

(The residents of KPK don’t have to be compelled to register online or verify their eligibility for the programme) 


These are the complete steps description a way to apply for Sehat Sahulat Programme in Pakistan: 

Step 1: Check your eligibility for Sehat Sahulat Programme by sending your CNIC variety at 8500 

Step 2: If you’re found eligible for the programme, you’ll receive a text message on your card confirming your details. The message also will include your Sehat Insaf Card number and also the name of the cardboard distribution centre in your district wherever you’ll collect it from 

Step 3: Visit the allotted card distribution centre with your original CNIC or Special CNIC to get the Sehat Insaf Card 

Alternatively, you’ll apply for a Sehat Insaf Card online by visiting the official Sehat Sahulat website and click on on ‘Eligibility Details.’ Once you’re redirected to a new web page, enter your CNIC number within the relevant field and click on on the blue box below to check your eligibility for Sehat Sahulat Programme. 

Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022? Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?

How to use the sehat insaf card: Who is eligible for Sehat/health card 2022?

Each card includes a certain quantity limit, that is refreshed on an annual basis. Cardholders and their members of the family will visit any of the empanelled hospitals for his or her medical treatment. However, they need to bring on the subsequent documents with them: 

  1. Sehat Insaf Card.
  2. Original CNICs or Special CNICs of each the cardholder and also the family member who seeks treatment. 
  3. Form B, just in case the patient is a kid.

All you need to do is visit the representative counters for the Sehat Sahulat Programme created in all empanelled hospitals. Show your Sehat Insaf Card to a representative and justify the reason for your visit. The representative can then guide you to the relevant department. 

It is necessary to mention the treatment expenses are subtracted from the Sehat Insaf Card when the patient has been admitted in the hospital.  

Moreover, the Sehat Insaf Card hospitals list is accessible online.  

Contact details: whether you’re trying to find more details regarding the applying procedure and edges of Sehat Sahulat Programme or just need to produce them together with your feedback, here are the contact details. 

Address: Ministry of National Health Services, regulations and Coordination, Hall 3A, 3rd Floor, Kohsar Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad. 

Phone Number: 0800-09009 

Email: sehatsahulatprogram@gmail.com 

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